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Getting rid of the clutter

Stuff. Most of us have way too much of it. The "stuff monster" can rear its ugly head at anytime and make your space less than amazing. In the new year, make a plan to declutter and make your life simpler with six decluttering key words.


No, not the dried fruit - although prunes are great for another type of cleaning - but the routine moving items you don’t use or don’t like anymore to a convenient, out of the way location until you can donate them to someone who will love them.


It’s a great word: short, to the point, and reduces clutter. Say no to gift bags, trinkets you find on vacation, free samples, hand-me-downs, anything you know you won’t use.


As in, keep surfaces clear. Clutter causes distraction and stress, so unless an item has a particular function, don’t keep it on the kitchen counter. Unless you LOVE that vase, do not keep in on the coffee table. Just because you have a surface, does not mean you have to put something on it.


Before you buy it just because it’s on sale, or everyone else is getting one, think: do you really need it? Will you use it? Do you have room for it?


Sentimental clutter: all of those letters, third grade report cards, greeting cards are SO difficult to get rid of, but they take up so much space. And in 40 years guess what? They’ll still be there! So deal. Have one more look, savor the memory, then out it goes.


Really committing to the decluttered lifestyle takes some time and practice, so keep at it. Decide that you love the decluttered look and make it your brand new amazing lifestyle!


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