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The 8 hottest trends in decorating for 2024

If you're building brand new, or just want a refresh of your living space for spring of 2024, the designers at have advice on the hottest decor trends.

1. Indigo

A deep, rich, regal blue, indigo is great statement color for both indoor and outdoor spaces. It contrasts well with strong neutrals, like charcoal, sand or terracotta. Choose a solid ottoman or arm chair, or indigo patterns in area rugs, throw pillows and artwork.

2. Embrace the Unique

Maybe it's a rattan chair or console table, or handmade accent items, or even some one-of-a-kind souvenirs from your travels...whatever you love, add it to your space and let it help you tell your story. Select unique textures that add visual interest and depth, or rich colors that pop against a neutral background. Patterns and unique shapes - like a lamp constructed with a rustic tree bark base – move staid and simple to interesting.

3. Curves

Scandinavian influences in furniture and accessories create a minimalist look with circular pieces like baskets, mirrors and other wall hangings, and art pieces. A curved silhouette in an arm chair or headboard adds to the look.

4. Black

When we talk black, less is more. Black is great to add depth to any space, but use it as a contrast color in accessories, rugs, borders, pillows and art pieces.

5. Retro Colors

Mustard and avocado are back! This time, however, they appear in patterns and as the perfect color compliment to indigo. Use pops of these retro colors in accessories. wall art, rugs and blinds.

6. Mixed Metallics

Personal jewelry trends have veered away from wearing only good, or only silver, and decor has gone the same direction. For the spring of 2024, add interest and shine with darker metallics in wall art, frames and lamp bases. But, again, less is more. Just a hint adds the impact you're looking for.

7. Color Gradation

Color gradation in textiles adds movement and depth. Think a soft gradation from dove grey to the popular indigo, or sand to a rich siena. The look is soft and cozy in furniture and accent pieces, but use too much in one space and your look will transition to dizzy and confusing.

8. Contrast

The most popular contrast combos for spring 2024 include pops of black against a fresh white backdrop, or a calming neutral grey with accents of rich indigo. Contrast is also a hit with finishes, pairing natural wood with metallics.


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