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Your Fall House Cleaning Check-List

Does annual fall housecleaning send shivers of dread up your spine? It doesn’t have to! Divide those tasks into smaller, daily and weekly chores, and add in the larger jobs as you have time. Here’s a room-to-room example.

Kitchen – Every Day/Week

Start from top to bottom:

  • Wipe down large appliances

  • Clear and wipe off counters

  • Scour kitchen sink and use a cleaning product on your garbage disposal as needed

  • Sweep up crumbs

  • Mop floor

Kitchen – Monthly/Seasonally

  • Clean out refrigerator/freezer and throw out old items. Wipe off shelves and bins.

  • Clean oven

  • Wipe out the microwave

  • Clean cabinet fronts

  • Run the cleaning cycle on your dishwasher

  • Do you need to replace dishcloths or sponges?

  • Clean and disinfect your trash can

Bathroom – Every Day/Week

Start from top to bottom:

  • Wipe down the shower walls – right after you shower is a good time

  • Clean the mirror

  • Clean off the counters, getting into the corners where dust can gather

  • Wipe out the sink

  • Clean the toilet and floor around the toilet

Bathroom – Monthly/Seasonally

  • Wash your shower curtain, bath mat and shower floor mats

  • Mop the floor

  • Scrub or soak the showerhead in a solution to remove lime or hardwater buildup

  • Is your sink or shower draining slowly? Use a product to clean the drain

  • Clean out the linen cabinet, medicine cabinet and under the sink…get rid of that clutter!

Living Room – Every Day/Week

  • Invite each family member to play “pickup” – pick up items and put them away at the end of the day to prevent clutter

  • Spot-clean any spills before they have a chance to stain

  • Plump up the sofa cushions and throw pillows

  • Freshen the room with an air sanitizer or fragrance

  • Wipe off surfaces and clean TV screens once per week

Living Room – Monthly/Seasonally

  • Sanitize the TV remotes

  • Wash the covers on throw pillows and blankets (don’t forget the dog or cat’s blanket!)

  • Dust the ceiling fan (Do you need to change the fan’s direction for cooler weather? In the fall, the fan should spin clockwise)

  • Arrange to have your fireplace cleaned and checked for winter use

  • Your upholstered furniture gets dusty too! Give it a good vacuum, then spray with fabric refresher

  • Dust lampshades and check for loose lightbulbs, and worn cords or plugs.

  • Have carpets cleaned

Bedroom – Every Day/Week

  • Mother was right to nag: Make your bed every day!

  • Change and launder sheets and blankets weekly

  • Put away clean clothes, and put dirty ones in the laundry

  • Use a fabric refresher

  • Dust surfaces each week

Bedroom – Monthly/Seasonally

  • Wash curtains and/or dust the blinds

  • Flip or rotate your mattress

  • Wash mattress pad – check for wear

  • Clean all flat surfaces, behind books, inside drawers, mirrors

  • Declutter! Do you need to have all that on top of your dresser or night stand?

  • Clean out your closet and donate items you no longer wear

  • Clean carpet

  • Dust ceiling fan and make sure it’s rotating the proper direction for cooler weather: clockwise


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