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Get Your Yard Ready For Winter

It’s important to get your home and your vehicle ready for the colder temperatures and weather of winter, but did you know your lawn needs some prep, too? If you want a lush, green yard next spring, there are some steps to take now to make sure that happens.

Should I keep mowing my lawn?

Here in the Midwest, there are still some beautiful, warm days ahead, so while your grass may slow its growth in the fall, it’s still growing. Keep mowing as usual until the first frost. For the last couple of cuts of the season, lower your mower blades a bit. This will expose more of the crown to the sunshine.

What do I do with weeds?

Continue to pull weeds out, including the root, and dispose of them. Weeds can attract pests, so don’t just toss them aside.

Aerate your lawn

The walking, working and playing in your yard all spring and summer contribute to soil compaction: water, air and nutrients have a hard time getting to the roots of the grass through packed-down soil. Aeration pokes little holes in the soil, breaking it up and helping all the good stuff feed your grass. This can be accomplished with a garden fork, but you may want to hire a professional for a large lawn.

Keep feeding your lawn

Applying fertilizer will feed the grass and help it build up reserves for the winter. Once you’ve aerated your lawn, apply fertilizer.

Have bare spots in the lawn?

Lack of rain, hot summer sun and pests can cause ugly bare spots in your lawn. Try overseeding your lawn – spreading grass seed over the entire lawn – now.

Don’t forget the water

Until freezing temperatures arrive, give your yard one inch of water per week. If Mother Nature cooperates by producing plenty of rain at the right time, back that amount off; you don’t want to over-water. Stop watering when temperatures drop.

Take care of lawn pests

Not only can pests like ants, grubs, moles, ticks and mosquitos make a mess of your yard, they can carry disease to your and your pets. Right now, those pests are laying eggs and looking to lay low for the winter, so it’s a perfect time to get after them and destroy the eggs. Professional lawn services can provide pest control for your yard, and also around your home to keep the ugly little critters out. That will protect your lawn, you and your pets for seasons to come!


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