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Transform your space with a feature wall

Are you looking for ways to transform your dull room? Whether you want a big change or a subtle upgrade, a feature wall could be just the thing you need.

Feature walls provide great opportunities to experiment with color and pattern. They offer a quick and easy way to liven up space, and they can be very low cost. Feature walls can be high impact, but they don't have to be. Sometimes a subtle pattern can inject just the right amount of interest to a room without overwhelming the space. Here are some ideas to keep in mind.


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The feature wall should be used to highlight the room's existing focal point. For instance, the wall where the mantel sits, or even where the TV is, makes for a good feature wall. The wall behind the headboard in a bedroom is also ideal. The point is that the eye should be drawn to one spot and if the feature wall is anywhere other than the focal area, the eye won't have a place to rest.

Also, you can use an accent wall to define a living space. In an open concept home or in multi-use spaces it can be tricky to define areas, but an accent wall can help. For instance, a feature wall to highlight the dining area in a living/dining space can help greatly.

Using Wallpaper

Using wallpaper to create your feature wall offers many options in color and texture to choose from. Also, you may be able to use a more costly product yet stay under budget if you wallpaper only a feature wall. Designer wallpaper with a bold pattern is ideal for a feature wall and also, flocked or metallic wallpapers add texture and interest.

Many people are hesitant to decorate with wallpaper because they don't want to deal with eventually having to take it down, but there are plenty of peel and stick options that are easy to remove when the time comes. Pre-pasted wallpaper is much easier to work with than traditional wallpaper, especially if you’re not experienced in hanging wallpaper.

Try Paint

You can opt for paint when you want an easy and inexpensive way to update your space without making a big commitment. There's no limit to the patterns you can create with paint, and it's the easiest material to change should you decide you want to try something different.

You can choose to go with a solid bold accent color or use warm natural textures such as a stone effect or suede effect, glamorous metallic touches, industrial effects or even a chalkboard for a fun kids room addition.

Also, a wall mural is very similar to paint, however instead of just painting a wall in one color or with a pattern, a wall mural can be a scene or a blown up photo. For instance, a calming forest scene, a mountain range, a beach, a map of the world, or pretty much anything you can think of.

Create a Picture Wall

Picture wall, photo wall, gallery wall, wall collage, whatever you call them you can’t deny that it’s a great way to bring color, movement, and creativity into a room.

There are many different ways to arrange a picture wall and it all depends on the space you have, the photos or pictures you are using, and the atmosphere you wish to create.

Creating a picture wall is a great way to let your creativity run free. Don’t think you have to limit yourself to photos or pictures. Paintings, word art, clocks, giant letters, and pretty much anything else you can think of can be added to a picture wall to give it more body and style.

Once you figured out which wall, what room, and the type of feature wall you want, the next part is the fun part. You can really go all out with this and make a big statement, or you can keep it simple. It’s all up to you.

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