Step Up Bathroom Storage

You think your kitchen is needy for storage? What about your bathroom? While you don't have to search for a place to stow an 8-quart stock pot, the bathroom hosts a multitude of teeny-tiny items that need to be corralled in easy to access ways. Let's take a look at some of the special storage needs and solutions in bathrooms.

Embrace closed storage.

Do you really want your razor, floss, tweezers or toenail clippers out on display? Or what about the 30 rolls of 4-ply, super absorbent toilet paper your husband demands? Keep these things behind closed doors where they belong, but...

Keep it organized behind those doors.

Pretty baskets or boxes are great for makeup and hair doo-dads, and fit easily on cupboard shelves. Plus they can add a pop of color each time you open the door! The cavernous area under the skin, however, can become a cluttered mess without some organization. Keep cleaning supplies in a bucket and towels in a bin.

Opt for a medicine cabinet.

But don't keep medicine in it! Why? First of all, it can be dangerous to keep prescription drugs anywhere other than in a locked storage box, and out of the hands of those who might be tempted to abuse them. Secondly, the heat and humidity of a bathroom can reduce the effectiveness of your medicines.

Medicine cabinets are great spaces for lots of small items, like your toothbrush, razors or drinking cups. Want to make that space even better?

Add an outlet to your cabinet!

How perfect is that? Keep your electric toothbrush or razor off the vanity and away from water sources with an outlet inside the cabinet.

Watch your linens!

Pegs and hooks may look very stylish, but they don't allow towels to dry efficiently. Opt for rods to hang hand towels, bath towels and bath mats. Remember: anything that stays damp is a great home for mold and mildew!


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