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Six Signs You Need New Windows

Who doesn’t love a room with lots of windows? Windows let in light and fresh air, and keep out noise, insects, animals and anything else that could intrude on your indoor space. But what if those windows don’t function properly, look bad and let drafts in? Then it’s time for an upgrade. Here are six signs that new windows may be a good investment for your home.

1. Drafts and condensation

Do you feel a cold draft near your windows in the winter? How about condensation, or worse yet, frost on the inside of your windows? Then it’s definitely time for replacements. Your windows may be old, or improperly installed and that means they’re energy inefficient, and they are costing you money in winter and summer. Another sign your windows are not as energy efficient as they should be…

2. Fading floors and furniture

Can you easily tell where the suns shines on your floors or furniture because of fading? This is a sign that your windows are not as energy efficient as they could be. New windows, with low-emissivity or Low-E glass coatings add layers of thermal protection inside insulating glass, blocking harmful UV rays to help prevent fade damage from occurring.

3. Outdoor noise

Barking dogs, lawn mowers, traffic, noisy neighbors all contribute to noise pollution. When that noise comes into your home, it can disrupt your day and, especially, your sleep at night. No window is actually sound-proof, but replacement windows, installed correctly, can muffle these sounds.

4. Difficult to open and clean

Windows that are improperly installed can warp and cause issues with opening and closing. Plus, layer upon layer of paint on window frames and sills, can make them stick. Many styles of older windows are not easy to clean. Any of these signs sound familiar? Replacement windows can take care of all of these problems. Properly installed, windows should glide up and down, or open in and out very easily. Double-hung windows tilt in, so you can easily clean inside and out.

5. They just look really bad!

How does your home look from the curb? Windows are the first things you notice, and if yours are old, worn or out-of-style, they’ll make your home look less appealing.

6. Your windows are damaged

Broken glass is an obvious problem. But have you noticed window fog or condensation between panes of insulating glass? That can develop when the seal between panes of glass fails and allows moisture to leak in. When old windows and doors are foggy, it’s time to replace.


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