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Six Reasons You May Need a New Bathroom

You start and end your day in one of the most important rooms in your home: Your bathroom! When a room is that important to your family, shouldn’t it be safe, functional and attractive? Here are Six Reasons You May Need a New Bathroom.

1. My Bathroom Isn't Safe

In homes with no stairs to navigate, bathrooms account for 13 percent of falls, according to And regardless of age, about 20 percent of these falls will send us to the ER. Uneven flooring, and slippery tubs and showers can make your bathroom a dangerous place.

Adding a walk-in tub or shower, grab bars, shower seats, and hands-free faucets will make your bathroom safer for everyone. With a safer bathroom, many older homeowners are able to keep their independence and stay in their homes longer.

2. My Bathroom Is Costing Me Money

Bathroom renovations can help you cut down on water usage, with water-saving toilets, showerheads and faucets.

3. My Bathroom Has “Issues”

If you’ve noticed that your water bill is higher than it should be, your plumbing fixtures may just need an upgrade (see point #2), or you may be experiencing issues with plumbing that wasn’t installed correctly to begin with. Mold, mildew, leaks, and slow drains can be signs that something isn’t quite right and needs to be fixed before major damage is done.

4. My Bathroom Is Awkward

Especially if you live in an older home, some bathrooms look like an afterthought, wedged in an odd corner or a former closet. Or, maybe the floorplan just isn’t efficient for the size of your family. Whatever the size and shape of your bathroom, there are ways to plan the space you have to better fit your needs for facilities and storage.

5. My Bathroom Is Ugly

Okay, so you don’t entertain in the bathroom (at least we hope you don’t), but there comes a time when the pink tile and the river rock shower floor really start to get you down. Upgrading your space can range from simple, modern touches, or extensive, floor-to-ceiling renovation.

6. My Bathroom Is For Sale...Along With the Rest of My House

According to, a bathroom remodel can add 10 to 40 percent more value to your home. If you’re planning to sell your home, and depending on your remodel, you could recoup as much as 71 percent of your remodeling costs. Move-in-ready homes are very attractive to first-time home buyers, and a beautiful new bathroom might just make your home stand out from the rest in the market!


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